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About Us


We are a proud family owned company, who have been in the beef producing industry for generations, with the Curr family originating in North QLD. We now live on the renowned Darling Downs, with our head quarters Avondale Station. The home of our Wagyu operation. 


The Curr Family ancestors first came to Australia with the arrival of Edward Curr in 1824. By September 1826 Edward Curr had selected Circular Head (modern-day Stanley)Tasmania as the company’s headquarters. Edward Curr at the young age of 27 was a considerate share holder and managing director of the powerfully back company named The Van Diemen’s Land Company.

Edward had visited Melbourne in 1839 and moved with his family to settle there in 1842. He had bought the right to Wolfscrag, a pastoral run near Heathcote, and soon acquired other grazing leases, but left their management, to his sons, where the boys went on to own and graze up to 100,000 sheep and a large number of cattle. Edward Curr making his home at St Helier's, on the River Yarra at Abbotsford. He was soon immersed in public affairs. Many people worked for Victoria’s separation from New South Wales but it was Edward Curr who we came now on as the Father of Separation. He adopted the cause in 1844 and actively promoted it for the following six years. Edward died in 1850, five days after the news of separation reached Melbourne. He had eleven children. Our 

great great great ancestor Marmaduke Curr left Victoria and moved to Qld in 1862. He settled on the banks of the Burdekin River 20 miles from where the town of Ravenswood now stands he called it Merri Werriwah. 

Then in 1878 Marmaduke set out for the gulf country looking for more land. In 1879 he and his brothers took up Land on the Einasleigh River, which he called Abingdon Downs.

At one stage the Curr family owned Abingdon Downs, Delta Downs, Iffley, Inkeman, Miranda Rutland Plains , Vena Park . Later went into partnership with with so Sir Sydney Kidman , William Angliss and others. 

In the 1920’s Curr’s bought Taldora station near Julia Creek in the top end of Qld, which has been in the Curr family through to day.

The Curr family tree has been associated with raising cattle since 1826 . Damien Curr grew up in western Qld on a property called Dagworth station which was famous for being the home of Waltzing Matilda.

Damien and Bridget spent the the first years of their marriage life on a sheep and cattle stations near Longreach called Newstead.Then spent the next 13 years in Cape York on Springvale station inland from Cooktown. Eventually moving down to southern Queensland to Avondale station on the Darling Downs to breed Wagyu Cattle while still having a property in the Julia Creek area.

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